Richard Muscat’s GP Weekend

Another big weekend and another track learnt, the Grand Prix circuit definitely met my expectations both very fast and flowing corners.

The track suited the Porsche 991 with the euro style layout, it was important to have a good balance and if the car was only a little bit off you would find yourself well off the pace as the field was so compressed.

Position 4

Practice was very important as we only had one practice session it was vital to get the most out of the 7 laps I did.

I had a good feel for the car but I hadn't maximised some of the braking markers as I was still new to the track. We were still p4 but there was a very big group of around 7 cars only a tenth to 2 tenths behind so like usual it was very tight.

Position 9

Qualifying wasn't the best, the car felt great and for the first 3 flying laps of the first set of tyres, I was still pulling the car up a bit too much on the first set of tyres so when I pitted for the 2nd set there was 8 minutes remaining at that stage we were p5. After I left the pits a few other cars had already started their first flying laps and got their times in so I was eager to put in a better time and attack the corners where I needed to attack, unfortunately there was a yellow flag in sector 1 with 7 minutes remaining and it stayed like that for the whole session so we could not set any faster laps in that time. so it was a bit disappointing but the positives were we were pretty fast.

Race 1
Position 8

Race 1 was not too bad, in my view I made way too many mistakes, I made my way up to p7 by lap 5 but then I pinched a left front going into turn 7 where there was a bit of oil from the V8 Supercars the race before, and I ran very wide going onto the astro turf allowing 3 cars to get passed I then had to make my way passed them again and eventually finishing p8.

Race 2
Position 6

Race 2 was a very smooth race for me, I lost a position off the start but made it back the same lap, then I passed another couple of cars and hunted down McBride, Baird and Davies for a fight for 3rd but caught them at a late stage and just wasn't close enough to make a move so I finished 6th with very good car speed for the whole race especially at the end so I was looking forward to the last race. 

Race 3
Position 8

Race 3 got underway well I got up to p5 and was attacking for p4 until i got massively cut off on the exit of turn 13 which lost me a spot, then I was battling with Russell, at this time I was struggling with a lot of understeer so it was very hard to make the spots up, then I had a lock up going into turn 3 on lap 6 and then it was all about getting to the end my right front was very damaged and through the fast corner when it was loaded up it did not feel nice and I was lucky to get to the finish.

Overall Round Result
Position 7

It was a very challenging weekend but I will take it in my stride, I have a couple of test days to try a few things on the car to see what works and what dosent as the team have come up with a few things that might work especially for qualifying runs which is very important for the weekends. I will be training my backside off as usual and can finally look forward to tracks i have already been to and can attack from the start and hopefully start getting some podiums and wins.


Once again thank you all for the amazing support, Im very grateful for this opportunity.

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